Many industries, including the construction and manufacturing, use precision grinding to achieve exceptional results for their parts. At Minnesota Grinding, we provide CNC grinding services that do just this. These services include cylindrical CNC OD and ID grinding operations, centerless grinding, grinding and straightening of bars, CNC thread grinding, jig grinding, and flat grinding (both Surface and Blanchard). If you are looking for “ID or OD grinding near me,” we have you covered.

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If your business needs to produce a certain type of surface finish pattern, Blanchard (surface) grinding is often the ideal solution. At Minnesota Grinding, we can Blanchard grind components as large as 42” from corner to corner or 29.5 inches square. Our team can get the job done with highly effective CNC grinding surfaces if you need to have large quantities of materials ground.

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Many modern industries require grinding services for machined parts. Most of the grinding services offered today include centerless grinding, CNC cylindrical grinding (OD & ID), flat grinding (surface and Blanchard), CNC thread grinding, and grinding and straightening of bars. At Minnesota Grinding, we possess the experience, knowledge, and other assets to provide outstanding surface and cylindrical grinding services for various applications.

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Today's machine shops have many operating expenses to consider. For this reason, a lot of shops are turning to carbide tools as a cost-saving measure. Due to their durability over other cutting materials, carbide can often get the job done more easily, and do not require shaprenign as often. This means that there will be less downtime spent changing cutting tools. However, nothing lasts forever; eventually even the finest tools wear down, and get dull. Thankfully, you can use carbide grinding methods to re-sharpen them. Here are some important things to know about sharpening your best tools:

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Numerous industries, such as aerospace, medical device, electronics, and automotive, are taking advantage of precision grinding services to create their products. The manufacture of precision parts often requires the smoothing of surfaces to exceptionally fine tolerances. To find the best precision grinding company to meet the industrial manufacturing needs of your business, you need not look any further than Minnesota Grinding. We are able to deliver high-quality precision grinding services to match your specific industrial requirements.

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