CNC precision grinding offers better part-to-part reliability over other turning processes, especially for parts with size, roundness, concentricity, and surface finish requirements.

Beyond some of the most up-to-date and versatile machining capabilities, there is an abundance of grinding support available at Minnesota Grinding, Inc.

In order to fully service the needs of our customers, CNC grinding has been a primary element in our process capacity since we opened our doors over 56 years ago. Minnesota Grinding, Inc. is able to produce critical finishes and tolerances that can’t be conventionally or efficiently machined.

Today’s precision components frequently need heat treating to achieve the functionality or durability required to perform optimally. Exposure to extreme temperatures generally distorts or changes a part dimensionally. To bring parts into print tolerance, grinding after heat treating is often essential. Even when heat treating is not necessary, having the grinding capacity to perform certain finishing steps often allows the previous machining operations to run faster, establishing a robust process. This capability saves you money and provides your assembly team with a quality product.

CNC: Computer Numerical Control

CNC is used to control many operations, including the motions of a machine tool and factors such as the rotational speed of a part. And overall, a CNC grinder is used for cylindrical, surface, and thread grinding to achieve greater precision.

CNC systems work in tandem with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing programs to automate end-to-end component design. The CAD and CAM programs produce a computer file, which a post processor reads to identify the commands needed to operate a machine tool. This information is then passed to a CNC system and loaded into the machine for production, now you have a highly automated system that ensures that a part closely matches the original CAD or OEM design. The advantages of computerized control are huge.

Delivering Quality Solutions

Whether your job is 1 piece or thousands of pieces, Minnesota Grinding, Inc. will produce the same superior product with the same attention to detail that you deserve. We have developed an experienced team that takes great pride in its craftsmanship and delivering on time and at a fair price.

Minnesota Grinding, Inc.: Paving the path to production efficiency with production-priming precision CNC grinding.