Grinding of machined parts is in high demand from many of today's top industries. Grinding services available include:

  • Centerless Grinding
  • CNC Cylindrical Grinding (ID &OD)
  • Bars – Straighten and Grind
  • CNC Thread Grinding
  • Jig Grinding
  • Flat Grinding (Surface, Lapping, and Blanchard)

Cylindrical Grinding 101

This particular type of grinding involves the process of grinding machined circular or cylindrical parts. The idea is to round out the inside and outside of these pieces as much as possible. The inside or inner diameter as well as the outside or outer diameter must be machined with utmost precision, which is something we provide here at Minnesota Grinding.

Highly skilled and certified craftsmen operate state of the art CNC cylindrical grinding machines to achieve the desired size. By offering inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) services, machinists are able to work with a variety of shapes that have a central axis rotation including cylinders and shafts.

Types of Grinding Machines and Equipment

Our shop provides cylindrical grinding using manual ID and OD capabilities as well as CNC ID and OD capabilities. We currently use five manual machines and six CNC machines.

Grinding machines enable machinists and craftsmen to create a variety of pieces including:

  • Shafts
  • Rollers
  • Mandrels
  • Bearing Journals
  • Cores
  • Cylinders
  • Contour Grinding
  • Taper Grinds

From Start to Finish

Skilled project teams work with customers to create and develop superior grinding solutions. Once a solution is settled on, the work goes to the craftsmen and machinists where the piece is machined and ground to the requested specs and dimensions. Customer service is readily accessible to answer questions and concerns. We make it a top priority to walk through the entire process with our customers to ensure top quality service is provided at all times.

We Deliver Solutions

If and when necessary, our team brainstorms with customers to develop solutions that will work. Emergency work is provided in as little as one to two days if needed. When you require solutions that involve cylindrical grinding of part and components, then look no further than the capabilities and experience we offer to get the job done right.

Emergency Service

EMERGENCY SERVICE is available if you need 1-2 day turn-around. Call for details.  (763) 535-4445

Customer Service

We put our customers first, and no job is too small. Whether you need just 1 item or 1 million, let Minnesota Grinding Inc. be your grinding department.

Our Reputation

Our reputation is proven daily. We get most of our new business by referral. Let us Exceed Your Expectations

Our Focus

At Minnesota Grinding Inc. our motto is Exceeding Your Expectations, which represents our focus on quality and delivery.