One of the specialized services Minnesota Grinding Inc. offers our customers is an industry-leading thread grinding process. We are able to customize our grinding to meet the needs of all applications and for all industrial uses. In our shop we don't have minimum orders, which means we are a great option for prototype development and can carry through to production once you are ready.

As a supplier to OEMs, prototype developers, manufacturers and fabricators, we have extensive experience in working with our clients in the aerospace, medical, tooling and EDM industries. We have also provided services for customers working in the motion control and plastics industries. This level of experience and range of applications allow our staff to use that experience in custom orders and for your unique projects.

Grinding Services

Some companies are only able to offer a handful of different thread grinding options. This is because they may have limited demand for the service or may stay strictly to standard types of grinding jobs. In operation since 1959, we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the competition in services, capacity and state-of-the-art processes and equipment.

By having the latest equipment, Minnesota Grinding, Inc. is able to offer a much wider selection of options to get your job done. This includes a range of different thread types. With the constant demand for this service in our shop, we are also continually upgrading and increasing our capacity, which means we are uniquely positioned to complete emergency orders with a one or two-day turnaround.

The types of grinding services we offer for threads include all thread types, something that is not offered at all metal working and grinding facilities. We also develop threads at up to 45 degree helix angles, variable pitch threads, taper threads and trapezoidal threads.

With the capacity to work with any lead or thread form, and also complete J threads and multiple start threads, we are a great business to look to for prototype orders or for standing orders for large volume production.

Let us know if you need any thread grinding services. Our team is able to use your thread form by transforming the dxf file for grinding. The system will automatically calculate any shrinkage and over-burn to result in the perfect thread regardless of the specific thread type required.