Many technologies and methods used today in metal work are enhancements on older methods that may date back to a time of manual processing of parts and components.

Jig grinding is one such method and process that is still highly beneficial for many parts. Using a jig grinder is the most effective way to grind precision holes in plates or uniquely shaped parts with very precise locations.

At Minnesota Grinding Inc. we have extensive experience in the use of jig grinders to create all different shapes and configurations required. This is also a machine that allows us to complete the grinding process to tolerances of 0.0001 of an inch to depths of up to three inches. We can work with hole diameters from .065” to three and a quarter inches.

Additionally, and this is critical for most of our projects, we are able to maintain a true position up to 0.0005 inches. This is much more effective than trying to create the holes through other methods.

How it Works

If you are new to the idea of jig grinding, here is a quick overview of just how the machine works. These are stand-alone machines with the capability to very precise holes in metal. We can complete work for you in prototype development or handle large production runs.

One of the benefits of using jig grinding is the ability to create the shapes and the holes in the surface of the metal that are very incredibly smooth and precise. This will allow other fabricated parts to move into and out of the final piece or to interact with other components in the part without any restriction on the movement. With this level of precision, it saves time in subsequent processing of the component after the grinding service is completed.

Operator or fabricator skills are a key factor in the process, which is where our experience at Minnesota Grinding Inc. comes into the equation. As we routinely provide jig grinding services for OEMs, prototype development and large volume productions, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done on time. Using the jig grinder is also very cost-effective for the precision grinding of holes.

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