All round bars of any grade of steel are produced through extrusion or rolling. Either process can be used to create bar stock of various diameters and lengths. Depending on the industry or the specific application this bar stock can be relatively small in diameter or it can be much larger and used for shafts and drill rod.

Centerless Grinding Benefits

The biggest problem with working with round bar is that it isn't produced with the degree of consistency required by many industries. In automotive, aerospace and in precision types of applications there is simply too great of a tolerance in the product.

To bring the bar into tolerances of diameter and roundness down to +/-.0001", centerless grinding is the ideal option. This is very different from other grinding processes in that the actual bar is not held in place through the use of centers. Instead, the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel, in conjunction with the work blade, support and process the bar. The work blade provides the support at a level that is just to the top of a centerline between the two wheels.

The movement of the two independently rotating wheels creates the uniform grinding action across the surface of the bar by the grinding wheel. With the slight tilt on the regulating wheel, the bar is naturally drawn across the grinding wheel at a uniform and consistent speed. The grinding wheel is made of bonded abrasive material, giving the bar a smooth finish to those exceptional tolerances.

Our Capabilities

At Minnesota Grinding, Inc., we offer different types of grinding services based on the specific tolerances and requirements for our customers. We listen carefully to your requirements and then match the grinding process to fit the specifics of each job.

We are able to process bars up to six inches in diameter and 12 feet in length. We can also grind tubing up to ten inches in diameter and twenty-four feet in length. Regardless of the diameter or the length, we can complete precision grinding to achieve the tolerances you require.

We use centerless grinding as an essential process in quality bar grinding. This technology and technique allows us to create the best tolerances possible through a process that is quick, effective and efficient. For more information on our grinding services, give us a call today at 763-535-4445 and we can discuss your needs.

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