At Minnesota Grinding, Inc. we provide both outside diameter (OD) and internal or inside diameter (ID) grinding services. Both are challenging types of grinding to perform without state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly expert staff.

With our over-half-a-century in the grinding business, we are fortunate to have both cutting-edge equipment and technology ,as well as highly expert employees. This allows us to use CNC (Computer Numerical Control) grinding systems to grind cylindrical components to the exacting tolerances our customers require.

There are several steps in the OD grinding process, just as there are with any grinding projects. By using a step-by-step plan to approach any project, we can create components to the precise tolerances required.

Planning the Project

Our first step in the process is to ensure we understand just what you need in a completed part or component. We are able to accept most types of files via email, which makes it easy to send us your designs.

Our staff will verify any information, or provide suggestions. Often these interactions can provide cost-saving benefits. From here, we will create the plan necessary for the CNC grinding process.

Starting the Process

There are several different methods that are effective for OD grinding. Based on the alloy selected, the shape, and the specifics of the part, we will choose the best method for precision results.

With over 42,000 square feet of workspace, we have the equipment and the facility to handle small to large orders. The staff at Minnesota Grinding, Inc. makes a commitment to each customer to ensure the orders are completed and shipped to meet your deadlines.

With full quality control steps throughout the OD grinding process, each part you receive will be completed to your specifications, at the lowest possible price.