At Minnesota Grinding, we often work with Original Equipment Manufacturers, including small startup businesses, with very specific information on the part or component they need to have produced. These individuals and companies may supply us with extremely specific drawings and details, allowing us to move directly into production. However, what these individuals and companies may not realize is the grinding method they have envisioned for producing the part, or the component is not the best option for the job, or the one that is most cost-effective.


In these cases, particularly with cylinders and other shapes with a specific central axis of rotation, such as shafts, we often recommend centerless grinding solutions. This is a precision grinding method that provides high levels of tolerances and precise production at a high rate of speed that assists in lowering production costs.

The Benefits

By choosing our state-of-the-art centerless grinding solutions, we can provide very precise grinding on the outside diameter of the workpiece. The key to this grinding, as opposed to standard OD grinding, is that the workpiece is not held in place. Rather the rotation of the workpiece in relation to the grinding and regulating wheel and the work blade is critical. As there is no low or high point created, roundness can be achieved very readily with this method.

Through the use of our centerless grinding solutions, we can provide tolerances to roundness and surface finishing that are as tight as plus-or-minus 0.0001 inch, which is superior to other grinding processes.

For cylindrical objects that must be perfectly balanced, or where precise roundness is important in the equipment design, this is the grinding process that we tend to recommend to our customers as the ideal solution.

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