At Minnesota Grinding, Inc., we work with Original Equipment Manufacturers in industries where precision work is not just an option, but a requirement to meet industry standards. This means the use of CNC equipment, which is designed to provide the precision grinding, is essential in for our clients’ industries and applications.

CNC grinding services from Minnesota Grinding offer a clear advantage. Here are just a few of the options any company can consider to use this highly accurate and precise way to produce parts and components.

Large Volume Production

The use of our CNC grinding services means the equipment is set up initially using CAD/CAM drawings. These are then stored in the computer programs, which means they can be used over and over again to create an exact component based on the original drawing. There will be no difference between the first part and the millionth part produced, which is essential in large-volume orders.

Tight Tolerances

In some applications, tight tolerances are required to meet industry standards. In the same way, tight tolerances for OEMs are beneficial for all types of manufacturing and fabrication companies.

With exact parts, there is no need to try to modify or adapt parts which do not fit the standards required. This speeds up production times, and reduces waste.

Over and above the benefits already mentioned with CNC grinding services, our services also provide a cost-effective option for OEMs to consider. With the ability to operate the equipment continually, and without any change in the production levels, our’s is a higher unit per hour rate, meaning a lower overall cost to our customers.

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