At Minnesota Grinding Inc., we offer one of the best thread grinding processes in the industry. We respond to our customers' requirements in regard to thread form, and then carry out the thread grinding process to create a perfect result. We translate DXF files for grinding, and our process automatically accounts for any shrinkage and/or over-burn.

Thread Grinding Applications

The many options and capabilities we support deliver powerful benefits to our customers. The options we provide include British threads, Acme threads, J threads, buttress threads, any lead or thread form, taper threads, multiple start threads, variable pitch threads, trapezoidal, metric, and up to 32-degree helix angles.

Thread Grinding Benefits

External and internal threads are produced in a highly accurate way through the process of thread grinding. Although thread forming is available through the use of single and multiple point turning tools, dies, taps, whirling rings, milling cutters, and thread rollers, the process of thread grinding is highly effective for tight-tolerance parts and hard materials.

Many elements go into thread accuracy, including helix angle, helical path, pitch, and pitch diameters. The most consequential dimension in most cases is the thread's lead, or the distance in one full turn of the screw the helix advances. The tolerances achieved through the use of grinding machines are often in the range of about 0.0002 in. or tighter.

Another important advantage of our thread grinding is consistency. Thread grinding can also improve flexibility of production. Although other methods may require various cutting tools, a wheel can be modified quickly to create a different thread.


At Minnesota Grinding Inc., we provide internal and external grinding, ID grinding, CNC grinding, and OD grinding to meet the application requirements our customers. The process of thread grinding is often used for core pins, ballscrews, cavities, medical bone taps and worm gears. The industries we serve include medical, EDM, plastics, motion control, aerospace, and tooling. In addition, we can handle grinding requirements within any industry.


We can handle OD thread diameter sizes as large as 22 in. Our team processes small or large threads with our maximum capability in terms of length at 24 in. The minimum ID thread diameter we handle is 5/8 in. and the maximum is 10 in. If required, we can also grind electrodes to create even smaller IDs.

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