At Minnesota Grinding, Inc., our capabilities include the application of the grinding process to remove heavy stock materials from parts. We are able to utilize Blanchard grinding on part sizes as large as 25" x 25" and 25" x 30". Also, we offer high-quality Precision grinding services designed to meet your specifications.

Let's take a look at Blanchard grinding and precision grinding services.

Blanchard Grinding

If you need a cost-effective, fast solution for the removal of large quantities of material that cover a wide surface area, Blanchard grinding is the ideal service to get the job done. This form of grinding is also referred to as rotary surface grinding, a technique that utilizes specially designed holders or magnets to keep the part worked on in place. Blanchard grinding is often used on ferrous metals, and can also be applied to some nonferrous metals as well as plastics, but with slower production times in higher costs with the latter two materials.

The Blanchard grinding process utilizes a machine with the wheel mounted on a vertical spindle that rotates in a direction opposite of the magnetic pieces securing the object in place. Only one side of the workpiece receives the grinding application. The final result of Blanchard grinding produces a distinctive crosshatch pattern on the surface that can improve the part’s appearance. This type of grinding process is a fast finishing solution, but lacks some of the precision of other grinding techniques. It should be used for applications that require a tolerance greater than 0.001 inch.

Applications that utilize Blanchard grinding include stampings, casting forgings, die blocks, rotary tables, and finishing large sections of plate stock.

Precision Grinding

Blanchard grinding is often the best option for large-volume projects consisting of objects that have large surface areas. On the other hand, precision grinding is utilized to deliver greater accuracy for finishing smaller components to maximum flatness. Some examples of precision grinding include cylindrical grinding that produces a smooth surface finish on round parts and horizontal surface grinding that uses a high-speed rotating wheel on the flat surface of a component.

A typical precision grinding application involves the development of a smooth surface that matches the required specs for a brand-new part. A surface that undergoes precision grinding is prepared for the addition of coating such as powder coating or paint. The types of materials that respond well to the precision grinding process include zirconia alumina, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide.

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