If your business needs to produce a certain type of surface finish pattern, Blanchard (surface) grinding is often the ideal solution. At Minnesota Grinding, we can Blanchard grind components as large as 42” from corner to corner or 29.5 inches square. Our team can get the job done with highly effective CNC grinding surfaces if you need to have large quantities of materials ground.

Applications of Surface Grinding

Our surface grinding is an excellent option for eliminating large stock from both non-ferrous and magnetic components. This type of grinding method is the cost-effective solution to eliminate specific types of material, including steel, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and mold plate. It is typically not used to grind anything to a tolerance of less than 0.001”.

When large ferrous materials need grinding, magnets are usually utilized to keep the material in place during the grinding operation. Blanchard grinding works effectively on various types of non-ferrous materials as well, but other types of holding devices must be employed.

Great Customer Service

At Minnesota Grinding, we deliver high-quality services to our customers in a completely transparent manner. We have the capability to provide you with the optimum surface grinding services. We work with our customers to handle the most challenging tolerance requirements. Our team can modify any tolerances as necessary if cost considerations are a factor. We can provide you with a reasonable estimate to match your specific application or project needs.

For more information about the surfaces grinding services we offer and how they can help fulfill your requirements, give us a call today at 763.535.4445, send us a message through our contact form, or request a quote on our website.