Many industries, including the construction and manufacturing, use precision grinding to achieve exceptional results for their parts. At Minnesota Grinding, we provide CNC grinding services that do just this. These services include cylindrical CNC OD and ID grinding operations, centerless grinding, grinding and straightening of bars, CNC thread grinding, jig grinding, and flat grinding (both Surface and Blanchard). If you are looking for “ID or OD grinding near me,” we have you covered.

Cylindrical grinding is a form of grinding utilized on cylindrical or circular machined components. The process affects both the outside and inside diameters of parts, rounding them to a great extent.

With our high-tech CNC cylindrical grinding machine providing CNC ID and OD grinding operations, we can provide you with a wide-variety of products and shapes that include a central axis rotation. These shapes and products include cams, ellipses, crankshafts, and cylinders.

ID and OD Grinding for the Manufacture of Numerous Products

We provide cylindrical grinding capabilities through the use of CNC and manual ID and OD operations. Our team operates six CNC machines in addition to five manual grinding machines to meet the needs of our customers.

Also referred to as bore grinding, internal grinding, or inside diameter grinding, ID grinding removes material with outstanding precision and accuracy from the inside diameter of a cylindrical or conical shaped workpiece.

OD grinding is carried out on the outside surface of the workpiece in the midst of its centers which constitute end units having a point that enables the rotation of the peaks. The grinding wheel and piece being worked on rotate in the same direction which makes them travel in opposite directions when they contact each other. This minimizes the possibility of the arrangement jamming up and promotes a smooth grinding operation.

Various products can be manufactured through cylindrical grinding services, including cylinders, mandrels, shafts, rollers, bearing journals, contoured shapes, taper grinds, and cores.

OD & ID Grinding Near Me

At Minnesota Grinding, Inc., we offer exceptional cylindrical grinding capabilities that, combined with our experience, are designed to meet or surpass your expectations when it comes to the components we deliver. Regardless of whether you need a large volume order or an emergency order, our team can meet your requirements.

For more information about the CNC OD and ID grinding services we offer, call our team today at 763.535.4445, fill out our contact form, or request a quote through our website.