At Minnesota Grinding, we handle various projects for companies that require extremely tight tolerances in the range of 0.0001" or less. One of the methods our experienced team of fabricators is able to employ to achieve these high-quality results is through jig grinding services.

Modern Jig Grinding

We utilize specialized software and tools to work with very complex geometries. We are able to use these machines to cut pieces to your exact specifications with exceptional accuracy, all while keeping production costs affordable.

How a Jig Grinding Machine Works

These are stand-alone machines that are designed to holes in metal to extremely accurate tolerances. These machines may be utilized effectively for both smaller prototype development projects, or in massive production runs. Jig grinding’s ability to fabricate shapes and holes in metal surfaces that are exceptionally precise and smooth is important to the quality of products across many industries. These precise results are important as they allow fabricated parts to properly connect and interact with these pieces.

An important factor in the process of a successful jig grinding procedure is the experience possessed by the fabricator. At Minnesota Grinding, we have the extensive experience you need to achieve exceptional results with our jig grinding services for both large-volume projects and small runs. When precision grinding of holes is required, the use of the jig grinder can be a highly cost effective option.

The Minnesota Grinding Difference

We have many years of experience providing exceptional machining solutions. We work closely with our customers which helps us to develop a range of superior services and products. We are committed to completing the jobs of our clients on time, every time, and you can rely on us for some of your most demanding machining requirements.

Our 42,000 square foot facility is designed to handle a wide range of jig grinding projects. Regardless of the size of your project, we have you covered. For more information about how we can serve your complex jig grinding requirements, give us a call today at 763.535.4445, complete our contact form, or request a quote from our website.