There are many industrial applications that require machine grinding services for the development of precision products. The Minnesota Grinding delivers various types of grinding services, including cylindrical grinding.

Cylindrical Grinding Process and Capabilities

Cylindrical grinding is a technique that forms the exterior of objects into certain shapes through the process of rotating the shape around a center axis. Cylindrical grinders are used in this process. These grinders rotate and shape pieces through the application of an abrasive wheel. These wheels are made from varying materials and have different sizes and configurations to match the intended application.

Cylindrical grinding often produces results that exceed those of other grinding services, including CNC machining. The machining of the inside diameter must be carried out in a highly precision manner to achieve desirable results.

With a modern CNC cylindrical grinding machine, the desired amount of roundness with a particular piece or object can be achieved. Our team is able to manage various shapes with a central axis rotation through the process of cylindrical grinding the inside and outside diameters. These shapes include crankshaft, ellipse, cam, or cylinder.

Our Grinding Equipment and End Products Produced

At Minnesota Grinding, our cylindrical grinding services include CNC and manual OD and ID grinding capabilities through the use of 5 manual machines and 6 CNC machines.

The types of products and shapes that may be developed through these services include shafts, mandrels, bearing journals, cylinders, bearing journals, contour grinding, and taper grinds.

Find the best Cylindrical Grinding Options

Whether you need emergency services, or a team that can brainstorm for the optimum solution, we have you covered with our exceptional skills and experience.

Our team can work in conjunction with yours to creating an effective grinding solution to meet the specifications of your machined parts. Through the production of pieces that are machine ground per precision specs and dimensions, you can achieve success with your applications. Our team is here to provide you with excellent customer service, answering your questions and helping you achieve your project objectives.

To learn about how we can provide you with professional cylindrical grinding services that produce the items you need with skill and precision, give us a call today at 763.535.4445, fill out our contact form, or request a quote through our website.