At Minnesota Grinding, we perform any number of grinding processes. Our highly trained and skilled operators understand the need to use the right grinder for the job. In some instances, they turn to ID grinding. This is typically called upon when the need is to finish off the inner surface of a workpiece – an action no OD grinder can address.

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All round bars of any grade of steel are produced through extrusion or rolling. Either process can be used to create bar stock of various diameters and lengths. Depending on the industry or the specific application this bar stock can be relatively small in diameter or it can be much larger and used for shafts and drill rod.

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One of the specialized services Minnesota Grinding Inc. offers our customers is an industry-leading thread grinding process. We are able to customize our grinding to meet the needs of all applications and for all industrial uses. In our shop we don't have minimum orders, which means we are a great option for prototype development and can carry through to production once you are ready.

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Many technologies and methods used today in metal work are enhancements on older methods that may date back to a time of manual processing of parts and components.

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Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard, rigid material. It maintains a compressive strength that is higher than, virtually, any melted cast or forged metal or alloy. It also has the highest melting point of any known metal. Its ability to conduct heat is twice the range of carbon and tool steel. It is also extremely durable, and is resistant to corrosion elements. Carbide also happens to be the hardest metal known to man. Its hardness is very close to that of a diamond.

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