For many business owners, finding the best methods of producing goods is a top priority. With the right tools, a business will be able to make their products in a timely and efficient manner. Working with metal is not easy, and requires a lot of skill. Outsourcing tasks such as centerless grinding is a must when trying to quickly complete this important work. Here are some of the reasons why many business owners like to use this type of grinding for their products.

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At Minnesota Grinding, Inc. we provide both outside diameter (OD) and internal or inside diameter (ID) grinding services. Both are challenging types of grinding to perform without state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly expert staff.

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All round bars of any grade of steel are produced through extrusion or rolling. Either process can be used to create bar stock of various diameters and lengths. Depending on the industry or the specific application this bar stock can be relatively small in diameter or it can be much larger and used for shafts and drill rod.

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At Minnesota Grinding, we perform any number of grinding processes. Our highly trained and skilled operators understand the need to use the right grinder for the job. In some instances, they turn to ID grinding. This is typically called upon when the need is to finish off the inner surface of a workpiece – an action no OD grinder can address.

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Many technologies and methods used today in metal work are enhancements on older methods that may date back to a time of manual processing of parts and components.

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