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Our Jig Grinding Process

jig_3.jpg At Minnesota Grinding, we work with companies that require very minute tolerances of .0001" or less. Jig grinding can accomplish the task quite nicely. Our talented team of fabricators can easily work with projects that are up to 12” in height, and they are adept at being able to create holes up to 3.500” deep. As such, the hole diameters will range from .250 – 3.250”. They can also maintain a true position up to .0005”. While some may think that a jig grinder is somehow outdated, there are benefits to its use when used by an expert.

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Today’s Jig Grinding

If you are looking for fast and reliable results, we have the specialized tools and software that can calculate very intricate geometries. Gone are the days when manual input was a top priority. The process utilizes beginning and ending points for cutting. Setup and changeover times are reduced. Labor has also been reduced by automating jig grinders. We can easily program our machines to cut to your specifications with a high degree of accuracy.

What Makes Us Different?

We have years of successful experience proving machining solutions to customers. We care, and our philosophy of getting involved with our customers motivates us to create superior products and services. Your company can count on us for quality machining solutions.

We also have plenty of room in our 43,000 square foot facility to accommodate any jig grinding projects on your schedule. Big or small, we can handle the job.

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Emergency Service

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We put our customers first, and no job is too small. Whether you need just 1 item or 1 million, let Minnesota Grinding Inc. be your grinding department.

Our Reputation

Our reputation is proven daily. We get most of our new business by referral. Let us Exceed Your Expectations

Our Focus

At Minnesota Grinding Inc. our motto is Exceeding Your Expectations, which represents our focus on quality and delivery.