What is honing?

Honing is a precision process that is used on the inside diameter of a part or component. It is completed as a final finishing step in smoothing the surface and removing even the slightest of irregularities. It is also ideal in achieving extremely-high cylindricity tolerances. On the surface of the part, it is used for the same purpose, but uses a light abrasive on the surface to create a smooth finish.

What are your honing capacities?

At Minnesota Grinding, we have experience in working with OEMs across a wide range of industries. We can handle both large and small orders, and with small parts to larger components.

What are the advantages of honing?

As a final step in the finishing of a part, honing is essential to provide a smooth, even and uniform surface. This is required both for aesthetics on some parts, but also to remove even virtually invisible surface variations.

What materials can be honed?

Any type of metal or alloy can be honed. The key to working with some of the more exotic metals and alloys is to carefully choose the correct abrasive material. As there is limited removal of surface material during the honing process, it is not utilized in place of grinding, which is better for the removal of larger amounts of surface stock.

How much does a honing service cost?

The best way to obtain an accurate quote for your honing job is to contact our team at 763-535-4445 or send in a request form through the website for specific information.

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