What is internal grinding?

As the name implies, internal grinding is a technique that bores holes into the interior of the workpiece. This grinding requires precision removal of the material to create the exact-diameter hole needed for fabrication and assembly.

What are your internal grinding capacities?

At Minnesota Grinding we can provide internal grinding to a maximum diameter of 11 inches, and a maximum of 16 inches in length. We have 6 internal grinding machines, allowing us to choose the most effective system for each grinding job.

What is the typical tolerance level of internal grinding?

We provide internal grinding for OEMs across a wide-range of industries. With our CNC systems, we can work to your required tolerances for all types of internal and outside diameter grinding.

What are the advantages of precision grinding?

Limited waste, the ability to create the surface required quickly and accurately, and the precise grinding of each part makes precision grinding the ideal solution for OEMs for small or large volume orders.

What materials can be ground using internal grinding?

Our experienced team can provide internal grinding for a wide-range of metals and alloys including, but not limited to, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastics, resins, and even composite materials.

How much does it cost to get internal grinding service?

Each project is different and requires a customized quote for services. Give us a call at 763-535-4445 or fill in the quote request form for an estimate on your job.

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