Flat Grinding (Surface and Blanchard)

Blanchard Grinding

Our Blanchard grinding services (sometimes referred to as rotary surface grinding) is the most efficient way to remove large amounts of material from magnetic, flat surfaces.  Grinding both sides of a flat part will help achieve desired flatness and parallelism call-outs.  Our machines can hold parts up to 29.5″ x 29.5″, or roughly 42″ corner-to-corner.  Blanchard grinding is the efficient way to remove large amounts of material from large parts, and Blanchard grinding tables can also be used to grind 10-100 smaller parts all at the same time.  Non-magnetic parts can be Blanchard ground, but at a slower rate due to fixturing, and holding requirements.

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Our employees are among the best qualified to complete your project per specification. Our facility also boasts 43,000 square feet of space. Thus, we have the tools and flexibility to handle the tough, big jobs.

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