Safety is a top priority at Minnesota Grinding, and we utilize a non-skid flooring surface in the shop to reduce falls. To keep that floor clean and dry, we have upgraded our floor scrubber to a Tennant model 5700 XP.  This scrubber uses Tennants’ ec H2O technology that electrically transforms the water to clean without chemicals.  Our floors now dry more quickly and our chemical usage has been drastically reduced.  This has resulted in less hazardous wastes released into the environment, a safer workplace, and lower costs.  Learn more about Tennants’ innovative technology here:

We recently upgraded the lighting system in our manufacturing area, replacing HID lamps and fixtures with high-bay fluorescent fixtures.  The energy used to light our shop has been reduced to 30% of previous levels resulting in an estimated annual (CO2) reduction of 400,323 lbs.

We have also added occupancy sensors to the lighting fixtures to further reduce the energy used.  Rather than lighting an entire bay, only those areas where work is being performed will be lit, resulting in further energy reductions.  As an added bonus, the new lighting produces less heat and will reduce our A/C costs as well.