Comprised of thousands and thousands of parts and components, the modern automobile relies on complex designs and precision parts to operate as reliably and safely as possible. Minnesota Grinding provides a variety of CNC grinding services to help meet the unique design and tight tolerance demands of nearly any automotive component.

From Blanchard grinding services, to bar grinding and thread grinding—numerous parts found in our cars today come from complex design and computerized manufacturing techniques. Whether you are an automotive parts manufacturer, or a private party, Minnesota Grinding can take on projects of varying sizes and difficulties with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Staffing industry experts with years of experience in this business, we can carry out CNC grinding services and quality inspections to ensure every part that leaves our facility has the same levels of quality and dependability our customers expect. Operating three shifts per day, and utilizing robotics in some areas, we can run large-scale production batches at peak efficiency. Ready to find a precision grinding partner for your automotive component fabrication process? Minnesota Grinding is here to help. By stopping in or speaking to one of our trusted representatives, you will find the exact OD grinding, ID grinding, bar grinding, centerless grinding, thread grinding, and Blanchard grinding services your business needs—all at a competitive rate. Call us today at 763-535-4445, or check out our website to browse our capabilities in more detail, or request a free quote. We are ready to use our skills and technology to help your project get off the ground, or bring it to completion.


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