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CNC Precision Grinding: What it Does for You

For companies to produce machined parts according to strict quality and precision standards, there are a number of precision grinding services available. Industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, and more all rely on grinding services to best meet their exact application fit and function, along with the tight measurement tolerances required...

Centerless Grinding: Types and Advantages

Centerless grinding is a widely adopted grinding process that utilizes a grinding wheel, regulating wheel, and work rest blade to perform high-precision bar grinding and other, piece part outer dimensional (OD) grinding services. Categorized into two basic types, this service is performed using a through-feed, or in-feed method. To choose...

ID Grinding Experts with Decades of Experience

Inner Diameter (ID) grinding can be one of the more complex and challenging metal fabrication processes to take on, requiring advanced levels of precision to meet the exact measurement tolerances. Utilized for both cylindrical and thread grinding services. ID grinding can help put the final details on a multitude of...

Precision Cylindrical Grinding – Become A Leader In Quality

Precision Cylindrical Grinding – Partner with the Leader in Quality, Capabilities and Capacity If your next project, component, or piece of equipment requires precision grinding or cylindrical grinding services, a highly intricate manufacturing process may be required to achieve the high measurement tolerances and ideal fit you need. By partnering...

Bar Grinding for Precise Results

Bar Grinding is an industry standard method for refining raw bar stock down to precision measurement tolerances. Minnesota Grinding provides grinding services to companies throughout many industries, depending on a host of unique application needs. Backed by 62 years of experience in the industry, we are confident our bar grinding...

Added CNC Centerless Grinder

We have added more robotics to our floor, to take on even more capacity. We have also added two CNC centerless grinders in that department to stay ahead of the curve with new capabilities. With an office remodel in the works. We hope to have a Quality Lab more than...

CNC Thread Grinder

We took delivery of a Drake CNC Precision Thread grinder with robotic loading capabilities, bringing our total to 7 CNC Precision Thread grinders! We intend to continue to lead the market in CNC Precision Thread grinding capabilities and capacity.

Minnesota Grinding announces enhanced thread grinding capabilities!

We continue to invest in new and upgraded machine tools.  Most recently, we have enhanced our thread grinding department yet again with additional software capabilities in the CNC thread grinders.  These upgrades now allow us to convert your .dxf thread profiles directly into machine code. (more…)

LARGE flat lapping machine

We added a 2nd LARGE flat lapping machine. This machine has a 96" rotating table and 4-30" heads.

CNC thread grinders

We recently upgraded the controls on one of our CNC thread grinders to bring it up to date with state-of-the-art functionality.  Soon after that we removed the table and had an expert resurface the mating surfaces and true up the entire machine.


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